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"" WEB SITE, owner of the trademark "", represents the seller.
The customer or buyer is the person (or the company via the physical person who represents it) who places an order


1.1. Prices: Our prices are invoiced in euros (indicated prices in American Dollars are for information only), without sales taxes by default in the English version of the site and "Ex-Works" (without shipping fees).

1.2 Sales Tax: The French VAT (sales tax) of 19.60% will be automatically added on the order form to any delivery address located within the European Union countries (EU) and Metropolitan France. For the rest of the world, the orders will be shipped tax-free. Nonetheless, the customer will have to check and accept to pay for possible local import taxes, depending on the delivery address country or state/Province (more infos at point 6.6., 6.6.1. 6.6.2. and 9.2.)

1.3. Shipping & Handling fees will be added on the order form according the customer's selected option and total weight of order, displayed on the order form prior payment


Online: by credit card (VISA or MasterCard and other cards bearing the logo of these groups only)

Offline: by credit card (VISA or MasterCard and other cards bearing the logo of these groups only), fax payment option

or by Swift Bank Transfer upon request. The buyer must transfer the sum matching the total of the invoice in euros only; possible extra costs charged by the buyer’s bank being at the buyer’s expenses.


Via Postal Priority parcel or Express carrier, both following chosen option by the buyer displayed on the order form and according to available ways on destinations and value of shipped items chosen by the buyer


4.1. Shipment notice: As soon as the seller receives the payment agreement (credit card authorization), onstock items are shipped within 0-3 business day notice (business days mean Monday to Friday, French Holidays excepted).


4.2. The availability of the items is confirmed by e-mail (“preparation” status) as soon as the customer's payment is cleared by our bank.


4.3. Backorders: Unless upon customer's refusal, the orders will be either partially shipped of on-stock items, backorders will be shipped when delivered in our stocks, or fully shipped once the missing items are totally ready for shipment .

The buyer will only pay once for the full order; possible backorders are shipped free of charge for the customer.

4.4. Discontinued items: discontinued items that were ordered previously by the buyer will be automatically cancelled and refunded by reverse charge on the buyer’s credit card within 15 days after the seller’s knowledge of discontinuation of missing items.


5.1. Delays: Displayed delivery notice is considered as an average and the seller will not be held responsible of any delay for any reason. If tracking number is available for the selected way of shipment, the customer will be able to check it on the carrier’s website whose address will be given by e-mail by the seller upon shipment

5.2. Losses: A shipped order is considered totally lost only 60 (sixty) days after shipment date on final invoice. In case of a loss, a complain must be made by the customer to :

- both the seller and the buyer's local Post Office (postal shipment option)

- directly to the carrier (express carrier) with further information to the seller by E-mail, fax or paper mail.

If needed, additional insurance may be requested upon prior shipment by the customer


5.3. Refunds consecutive to loss:

Psotal option: done by reversed charge on the customer's credit card 60 (sixty) days after confirmation of loss by the carrier.

Express carrier: if the customer refuses a second shipment of the same order, the seller will refund the customer 30 (thirty) days after confirmation of loss by carrier (procedures depending on the country of delivery). See "Refund policy" at point #6 for further information about refunds.

5.4.Spoilt deliveries:

Despite the buyer’s care with the packing of orders, if the customer may receive a broken item or spoilt parcel that is due upon the carrier’s responsibility.

The customer must check the contents of the parcel in presence of the delivery man or if it is not possible, at least notify the incident by phone or fax immediately after delivery to the carrier, for responsibility of the seller is automatically transferred to the buyer when the order leaves our stock and is shipped (see also point 9.2).

REMARK : In any case, the seller recommends the buyer to write a warning mention when the delivery form is signed such as "subject on inspection of the content", to keep his (her) rights to complain and be refunded by the carrier's insurance (may vary according to the country of delivery).

Insurance limits matches the carrier’s General Sales Conditions


6.1. To comply with French remote sales regulations, the buyer has 7 (seven) business days to cancel his (her) order, excepted the following cases :

- customized orders (e.g. etching on pens)

- special orders on large quantities of the same item (starting 10 (ten) units of the same item and/or sales value superior of 300 Euros (without sales tax)

- and any special orders that cannot allow the seller to resell the items (seasonal –such as diaries-, onsale items (discontinued),etc.)

6.1. All returns for any reason must be notified to the seller prior shipment, by fax, E-mail or paper mail only, and within 1 (one) month after invoice date (*).

6.2. Packaging: Returned items must be in their original packaging, unused and clean, with original of our invoice included (keep a copy for your records).

6.3. Shipment fees for return are on customer's expenses, unless in case of proved seller's fault compared to original ordered item(s) (e.g. error of references while packing the order). Returned items must properly packed and secured.

6.4. Exchange procedures: The customer will request (on back of original invoice), either a credit note, or will inform the seller of the requested item reference/description to be exchanged (if the replaced item is cheaper than the previously ordered one, a credit note of the difference will be included in the second shipment for a further order, if the replaced item is more expensive, the customer will write his(her) credit card numbers and expiration date, and will give authorization to the seller to charge the customer's credit card for the difference by his(her) signature

6.5. Refunds will be done by reverse charge on the customer's credit card within 8 days after delivery of customer's return and after inspection (if the order has been paid online, please inform the seller of credit card data; see point #8.2, below).

For technical reasons, sums inferior or equal to 8 (eight) Euros will be notified as an electronic credit note only, available on a next order.

In any cases, refunded sums will exclude the primary shipping fees.

6.6. Customs import taxes: the customer is aware of paying possible import taxes (non European Union countries only).The seller is not responsible of the amount of these possible import taxes and is not competent either to inform the buyer of the costs of customs clearance to the recipient's address. Therefore, the seller recommends the buyer to check -prior to order- the amount of these possible import taxes according to value of ordered items and delivery country’s import policy.

6.6.1. Taxes payment refusals :

If the buyer refuses to pay the import taxes for any reason, the parcel will not be able to be delivered to comply with local customs regulations. Therefore, the carrier will return the parcel to the buyer after a notice depending on the carrier’s policy. Upon reception, the seller will refund the buyer of the value of the goods only, excluding the primary shipping fees and possible added return shipping fees invoiced by the carrier and a fixed sum of 10 Euros for management fees. If the costs of both primary and return shipping fees exceed total value of order, the seller will be authorized to charge the buyer of the extra difference.

6.6.2. Non payment of customs taxes: If by chance, the recipient is delivered of his (her) order without paying due customs/local taxes and remains without paying them, may be directly charged by the carrier of these taxes (with possible additional fees). The customer will fully accept to be charged directly by the seller on his (her) credit card. In case of litigation (if the buyer has already paid all taxes), the customer must show a written proof of payment to the seller (stamped invoice by the Customs, bills, receipt,etc.), either by fax (00 33 1 43 26 11 72) or by e-mail ([email protected]) in the shortest notice to allow the seller to claim to the carrier and cancel the undue tax invoice. If a written proof of tax payment cannot be shown to the seller within the demanded notice, the buyer fully accepts to be charged again of due taxes (copy of the carrier/Customs invoice will be sent by the seller to the buyer for further complaint if needed).


7.1. Packaging: The customer will properly and securely pack the returned item(s) on his (her) expenses to - 68, rue du Cardinal Lemoine - 75005 PARIS (France).

A fixed price of 8 (eight) Euros for file fees will be charged for any service on pens, clocks or calculators (unless there is a proved basic defect on manufacturing (*)); some extra fees will possibly be added :

RECIFE pens offer a life-guarantee and all pens (abusive use or bad maintenance voids the guarantee), normal nibs aging excepted. For a faster service, US customers should contact directly Recife's representative at: Recife pens c/o Mr Pierre Fay - 5, Crystal Lake Drive P.O. Box 2314. Orleans, Ma. 02653 (USA). Phone: 508 240 3075/Fax: 800 647 1882.

LAMY pens are generally serviced for the cost of the spare parts (exception on basic defects (*)); no need to return the pen for easy-to- replace parts (e.g. nib parts, caps, etc.). Pens under the value of 20 (twenty) euros cannot be repaired and the seller suggests a new pruchase

FABER-CASTELL pens are serviced for the cost of the spare parts (exception on basic defects (*)).

GRAF VON FABER-CASTELL and CARAN d’ACHE pens (luxurious ranges only) are lifetime and internationally guaranteed with guarantee voucher attached with return

LEXON electronic items are guarantee from 1 (one) to 2 (two) years according to guarantee voucher enclosed and that must be returned with the item for servicing

Other clocks, calculators and watches are guaranteed for 1 (one) full year after purchase date (on invoice).

A proforma invoice will be sent (by fax, E-mail or classic mail) to the customer prior to any servicing with shipment fees at customer's expense.

Other items: guarantee available if such mention is displayed on the buyer’s website only.

For any brands, misuse, nibs, watches bracelets and batteries are excepted from the manufacturer’s guarantee

(*) Legal lifetime guarantee: concerns all manufacturing defects on items, that could not be seen upon the sale.


8.1. will not sell, rent, borrow or transfer of any kind, informations about its customers to any third party and will keep the data for only its own commercial purpose

8.2. Online payment: we never have access to credit card informations as our customer's are automatically rerouted on our bank's page. Therefore, the seller cannot be held responsible for any hacking on the buyer's credit card numbers or any financial and confidential data.

8.3. Fax payments: once payment is done for one order, credit cards informations are destroyed

8.4. The customers can have access, modify or be removed from our mailing lists, just by sending us an e-mail at [email protected]


9.1. In appliance with French Law 80-335 of May 12th, 1980, merchandises remain property of the seller until full payment has been established, including possible customs and local sales taxes due by the customer (see also point 6.6. and 6.6.1.)

9.2. Risks assignable to these same merchandises are transferred to the buyer upon shipment.


In case of litigation, The Paris Trade Court of Justice in France ("Tribunal de Commerce de Paris") will solely be competent.